Local Supplier Spotlight: Mozzo Coffee

Upon waking, many of us cannot function properly without a good cup of coffee inside us; and we’re no different here at The Red Lion. Our coffee machine is one of our most treasured and used tools on our bar… and this got us thinking, about how coffee plays such a vital role in so many of our lives.

Coffee isn’t just a bean or a drink, it’s a social lubricant. The simple act of sharing a cup can foster conversations and connection. Whether catching up with friends over a latte, or a business meeting fuelled by espresso, coffee provides a shared experience that breaks the ice, encourages open communication and traverses most cultures.

Here at The Red Lion, we have been serving Mozzo Coffee for over a decade, and we’re incredibly proud to partner with a company whose ethos and values go way beyond making a good brew!

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Founded in 2005 by Grant Lang, Mozzo started life as a humble red, art-covered tuk-tuk, a coffee cart powered by the wind and sun roaming the streets of Southampton. Since then, it’s blossomed into a powerful force for good, not just in delivering incredible coffee, but also making a significant difference to those living and working in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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Intrigued? We were too. That’s why we highly recommend checking out this interview with Grant, where he delves into the incredible journey of Mozzo and the positive ripple effect that every cup of coffee creates. It’s worth knowing that for every cup of coffee you order here at The Red Lion, you are supporting the Mozzo Community2Community (C2C) Fund.

In 2024, your consumption will be helping to raise funds to build a vital intensive care unit and operating theatre for the community on Idjwi Island.

But the good doesn’t stop there. As we all know, we are what we eat (and drink) and so, to us, it’s vital to offer 100% traceability for all ingredients we use, so that you can dine safe in the knowledge that you’re consuming quality, always. Plus, coffee has some much-publicised health benefits.

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Caffeine doesn’t offer the same effects to everyone, however. For those more sensitive to coffee, we serve Mozzo decaffeinated, which uses the Swiss Water process to ensure it remains organic requiring no chemical interventions. For more information on how Mozzo decaffeinate their beans without impacting flavour, take a read here.


One of the most popular cocktails we serve here at The Red Lion is the delicious Espresso Martini, and as the smells of BBQs permeate across town when the sun shines, why not try making them when you next have friends over? It’s super easy to make…just be sure to shake vigorously to create the froth!

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Whether you’re stopping in at The Red Lion to meet friends for a quick drink, or you’re looking to spend the weekend with us, be safe in the knowledge that not only will you enjoy quality food, drink and service, but you’ll also be supporting local suppliers who are supporting sustainable practices and livelihoods all over the world.

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